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 2024’s Top 5 Most Dangerous Cities in Colorado Revealed – Exploring the Dark Side

(photo: Uncover Colorado)

Discover Colorado’s Most Dangerous Cities of 2024

Colorado is known for its beauty but faces a growing problem. Car thefts shot up by 13.6% in 2022 making Colorado a hotspot for this crime nationwide, according to the report of Southwest Journal. Property crimes are also a big issue putting the state in second place across the country. While visitors enjoy the sights, locals and authorities work to tackle this rise in crime by beefing up law enforcement and community safety efforts.

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(photo: Outside Magazine)

Colorado’s 5 Most Dangerous Cities of 2024


Americans in Pueblo worry about safety because crime happens a lot there. For every 1000 Americans, 70 crimes occur which is more than in most other places in the state. Pueblo is even considered one of the most dangerous cities in the country. It’s especially risky in the south and east sides like the Bessemer neighborhoods. So, Americans need to be careful when they’re there.


There are 59 crimes for every 1000 Americans which is a lot for a town its size. This makes it one of the most dangerous places in the whole country. You have a 1 in 127 chance of being a victim of violent crime there. And your stuff isn’t safe either with a 1 in 19 chance of property crime happening to you.

La Junta

La Junta isn’t very safe with a lot of crime happening there. For every 1000 Americans there are about 85 crimes which is a lot. That’s why it gets an F for safety. It’s riskier in some parts of town with a 1 in 10 chance of being a victim of crime in the central neighborhoods. It’s smart to lock your car and keep your valuables safe at home.


In 2020, there were almost 3000 property crimes and 700 violent crimes for every 100,000 Americans. It’s one of the most dangerous cities in the state. You need to be careful especially near Denver where it’s even riskier. Walking in well-lit areas and staying with someone who knows the city can help keep you safe.

Grand Junction

In Grand Junction, crime happens a lot. Every few hours there’s an incident. Even though it’s not a big city it has a lot of crime compared to other places. There’s a high chance of being a victim of violent crime or property crime there. So, Americans need to stay alert and take steps to protect themselves.

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