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 Alabama 5 Most Dangerous Cities – Watch Out in 2024!

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Navigating Alabama’s Risks: The Most Dangerous Cities Within

Alabama is a special place full of history and cool stuff like football and steel, according to recent report of Southwest Journal. But it’s important to be careful in some parts because they can be dangerous. So if you’re planning a trip make sure to watch out in these ten risky cities.

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(photo: New World Report)

Alabama 5 Most Dangerous Cities


In Prichard about 22,300 Americans live but it’s not very safe because there’s a lot of crime more than the national average. Crime has gone down by 32% since 2017 but it’s still not a great place to be especially after dark especially if you’re alone. People are friendly during the day, but you have to be careful.


Birmingham is Alabama’s biggest city with over 212,000 Americans. It’s called “The Magic City” because it grew really fast especially in industries like steel and iron. But there’s a lot of murder more than in many other big cities. Certain parts of Birmingham are known for gang violence so it’s best to stay away from those areas especially downtown of Ensley, and Norwood.


Bessemer is near Birmingham and has about 26,800 Americans. It’s famous for its natural resources but it’s also known for being most dangerous. Crime has gone down a bit but it’s still the sixth most dangerous place in Alabama. There are a lot of crimes reported especially violent ones so it’s best to stick to busy areas and avoid the quieter ones especially at night.


Fairfield is smaller with around 11,000 Americans but it’s still really unsafe. Crime is much higher here than the state and national averages. It’s better to have a plan for getting around safely before it gets dark.


Anniston is in the northeast of Alabama and has about 22,400 Americans. It’s known for being most dangerous with a lot of violent crime. Your chances of being a victim of crime are pretty high here and it’s best to be cautious both during the day and at night. Some people might decide not to visit Anniston at all because of its reputation for crime.

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