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More Citizens Getting Concerned About US Climate Change

People of demonstration show a message on banner to against climate change, plastic pollution and forest fire problem

Nearly two-thirds of the citizens are concerned about US climate change in their communities, according to a recent CNN-SSRS study. More than half are worried about extreme weather because the climate problem is causing high heat, storms, and drought everywhere.

In September, workers in San Francisco installed solar panels on a residential property. (Source: CNN)

Establishment of Climate Measures to Decrease Global Warming

Yet more want the federal government to act. 73% of US Americans believe the federal government should establish climate measures to decrease planet-warming pollution in half by the end of the decade. President Joe Biden has prioritized addressing the climate crisis more than any other president, including by providing billions of dollars in tax subsidies to build renewable energy infrastructure and help consumers buy discounted electric vehicles, solar panels, and energy-efficient appliances. The Biden administration is also creating and implementing federal regulations to reduce oil and gas, power plant, and gas-powered car emissions.

The polling comes as governments discuss fossil fuels at the COP28 climate meeting in Dubai. At the meeting last week, Vice President Kamala Harris pledged $3 billion to the global climate action fund, and the Biden administration announced new restrictions to cut US oil and gas industry methane emissions by 80%. CNN survey reveals bipartisan support for reducing US climate change. Nearly all Democrats, 76% of independents, and 50% of Republicans support halving US greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. In 2024, American voters may face a rematch between Biden, who signed the country’s largest climate investment into law last year, and former President Donald Trump, a climate change denier who has vowed to repeal several of Biden’s clean-energy policies.

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Democrats: Prioritize Global Warming

Americans favor Democrats over Republicans on climate change by 13 points. CNN’s poll reveals Democrats prioritize global warming and abortion. Americans gave Biden a 43% approval rating for environmental policies, several points higher than his overall and economy ratings. Only 2% of Americans prioritize climate change over the economy and expense of living. Clean energy and climate change are increasingly linked to the economy. Climate change-related calamities affect trade and the American dream of homeownership. Wildfires and harsh weather are driving up house and property insurance costs in several areas. Sometimes insurance companies withdraw coverage altogether due to high risk. CNN experts say this hurts the housing market and home prices. Most US adults believe humanity is responsible for reducing climate change but that the US, Chinese, and energy industries are doing too little.

Americans also blame themselves less: A much lower 40% of Americans feel they are responsible for reducing climate change. 58% believe they are doing enough to lessen their climate effect, while 37% believe they are doing too little. Past polls have shown that partisanship over climate change and what to do about it outweighs age and gender. Democrats are more inclined than Republicans to agree humans are responsible for reducing climate change (77% vs. 42%). Democrats are 36 percentage points more likely than Republicans to be concerned about climate change in their localities. The research indicates that nearly 4 in 10 Americans have experienced extreme weather in the past year, with most blaming climate change. Climate-driven heat, drought, and flash flooding have ravaged American cities in recent years. The SSRS CNN poll was conducted from November 1-30 among 1,795 randomly selected persons contacted by mail. Online or phone surveys with live interviewers were undertaken. Subgroups have a higher margin of sampling error than the overall sample, which has 3.2 percentage points.

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