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Russian Nuclear Strike in Ukraine Conflict – CIA Estimates 50% Odds!

Biden’s Warning Bell: Preparing for Russia’s Nuclear Threat Amid Ukraine Conflict

The Cuban Missile Crisis Echo: Biden’s October Speech Amid Fears of Escalation

According to New York Post, a recent report talked about how the Biden team got ready for Russia possibly using nuclear weapons in Ukraine. The CIA told Biden there was a good chance Russia might do this if things went bad for them. This made Biden give a big speech in October 2022, warning about a scary situation like the Cuban Missile Crisis. US spies also said Russia might use nukes if Ukraine fought back well.

As the fighting went on, the CIA heard more talk from Russian soldiers about using small nuclear weapons. This worried US leaders because they’d given Ukraine lots of help to fight Russia. Even though at first, the US didn’t think Russia would use nukes, things changed as Ukraine did better in the fight. Behind closed doors, Biden’s team got ready for what they’d do if Russia launched a nuclear attack.

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A Nuclear Warning: Putin’s Reminder of Risks Amid Ukraine Conflict Keeps Tensions High

Top US officials said they had serious meetings about how to handle a nuclear strike by Russia. There was also concern when Russian leaders talked about Ukraine maybe using dangerous bombs. While it seems less likely now that Russia will use nukes, Putin’s talk about his country’s big nuclear power is still a scary reminder of the risks in this conflict.

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