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5 Most Dangerous Cities Revealed in 2024: Idaho’s Darker Side

(photo: Southwest Idaho Travel Association)

Navigating Idaho’s Safety: Beware of High Crime and Limited Medical Services in Certain Cities

In 2024, Idaho, a usually safe and beautiful state has some places that are not so safe, according to the recent report of Southwest Journal. There are 14 cities where crime is high or medical help is hard to find. Even in big cities like Boise crime can be a problem. Americans thinking about moving to Idaho should be careful and choose wisely to find a safe place to live.

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(photo: Idaho Capital Sun)

Crime Concerns in Idaho’s Most Dangerous Cities


In southeast Idaho, Chubbuck’s small-town vibe is marred by rising crime. Burglaries and violent acts worry its 13,000 residents. Limited resources make it tough for police to handle.


Heading southwest to Blackfoot, fears over safety are high. Its 12,000 Americans face crime rates above state and national averages. Drugs play a big role, leading to theft and violence. Despite attractions like the Potato Museum caution is needed.

Twin Falls

In Twin Falls is known for its beauty, crime concerns linger. While not the worst, it sees more crime than most U.S. cities. Downtown areas are hotspots for theft and vandalism. A recent fight turning violent raises alarms.


In Pocatello, efforts to fight crime are ongoing. Despite its 56,000 population, drug issues and poverty make it unsafe. Police are trying community policing and more patrols. Visitors should be cautious despite its attractions.

Garden City

Lastly, Garden City faces a surge in violence. With over 12,000 Americans crime is up driven by drugs and poverty. Despite its nightlife and attractions, caution is key especially after dark.

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These cities are among Idaho’s Most Dangerous Cities highlighting the need for action to keep residents and visitors safe.

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