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Iraq’s Parliament Pushes for US Troop Withdrawal Amid Rising Tensions: Key Developments and Regional Implications

Iraq's Parliament Pushes for US Troop Withdrawal Amid Rising Tensions: Key Developments and Regional Implications

Iraq’s parliament is calling for a law that would require the US-led coalition troops to leave the country due to recent attacks on Iran-backed militias. There’s a meeting scheduled between Iraq and the US to discuss when these troops might withdraw. In a recent parliamentary session, lawmakers condemned US airstrikes on Iraqi militias linked to Iran. However, many Sunni and Kurdish lawmakers didn’t attend the session.

Iraq’s Parliament Pushes for US Troop Withdrawal Amid Rising Tensions: Key Developments and Regional Implications

Iraq Parliament’s Call for US Troop Withdrawal: Tensions Rise After US Drone Strike on Kataib Hezbollah Commander

A top commander from the Iran-backed Kataib Hezbollah was killed in a US drone strike, which further fueled tensions. After the session, Speaker Mohsen Al-Mandalawi directed legal and defense committees to discuss a petition signed by over 100 lawmakers seeking the expulsion of foreign forces from Iraq. He also formed a parliamentary committee to support Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani’s negotiations with the US regarding the coalition forces.

The parliament strongly opposes any attacks on Iraq and urges the government to protect the country’s security. It supports diplomatic efforts to prevent further targeting of Iraqi territory and uphold international agreements. There’s also a focus on Iraq’s role in stabilizing both regional and international contexts, with emphasis on implementing Resolution No. 18 from 2020, which calls for the withdrawal of foreign forces.

The US has troops in Syria and Iraq as part of an international coalition against the Islamic State group. These troops are there at the request of the Iraqi government to assist and advise Iraqi security forces in combating IS insurgency. The parliament indicates that the withdrawal of coalition forces would depend on the improvement of Iraqi security capabilities and the absence of new agreements requiring foreign forces’ presence.

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Iraq-U.S. Coalition Talks Amid Rising Tensions: Airstrike on Kataib Hezbollah Commander Sparks Debate Over US Troop Withdrawal

Yahya Rasool, the military spokesperson for Prime Minister Sudani, stated that the Joint Military Technical Committee between Iraq and the US will meet to discuss ending the international coalition’s mission in Iraq. However, the US Central Command recently conducted an airstrike killing a Kataib Hezbollah commander responsible for planning attacks on US forces. The ruling Coordination Framework, representing Shia parties and groups, supports efforts to end the anti-IS global coalition in Iraq.

Since the conflict in Gaza began, Iran-backed militias in Iraq have attacked US forces over Washington’s support for Israel. The frequency of attacks has increased, with over 165 attacks targeting US and allied troops in the Middle East since mid-October. The strike killing the Kataib Hezbollah commander followed the deaths of three American troops in a drone strike blamed on the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, a shadow name for Iran proxies.

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