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Biden Imposes New International Law Requirements for U.S. Military Aid Recipients

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President Joe Biden has recently issued a national security memorandum that requires foreign countries receiving U.S. military aid to provide written assurances that they will use the assistance in accordance with international law. This move from the White House aims to increase accountability, especially in light of concerns raised regarding Israel’s military actions in Gaza. While the memorandum isn’t directed at any specific nation, it follows criticism of Israel’s campaign in Gaza, which Biden has described as “over the top.”

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Biden’s Bold Move: Strengthening Accountability in U.S. Military Aid Allocation

Lawmakers, including Senator Chris Van Hollen, had previously proposed measures to ensure that U.S. military aid is used in compliance with international law. However, with Biden’s memorandum incorporating similar provisions, these proposals are now being withdrawn. This development has been welcomed by several Democratic lawmakers who see it as a step toward protecting human rights, particularly in conflict zones like Gaza.

Biden’s directive requires governments receiving U.S. military aid to provide written assurances of their compliance with international legal standards. This includes ensuring the delivery of humanitarian aid to civilian populations affected by conflicts. Allies of the United States are given 180 days to sign off on these assurances, while countries in active conflicts, such as Ukraine and Israel, have a shorter timeframe of 45 days.

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Biden Boosts Accountability for U.S. Military Aid Recipients, Prioritizing Compliance with International Law

The memorandum outlines a plan for addressing any issues that may arise with compliance, including potential actions like refreshing assurances or suspending further transfers of defense articles or services. Notably, Israel has been the largest beneficiary of U.S. military aid since 1950, receiving approximately $3.8 billion annually. Biden’s move underscores a commitment to ensuring that such U.S. military aid is used responsibly and in accordance with international law.

Overall, Biden’s decision to impose new requirements on recipients of U.S. military aid reflects a desire for increased accountability and adherence to international legal standards, particularly in conflict zones where civilian populations are at risk.

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