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Former U.S. President Donald Trump Slams Biden Over Afghanistan: Claims Taliban-Controlled Nation is Now a Global Seller of $85 Billion in U.S. Military Equipment

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In a recent address to the National Rifle Association, former U.S. President Donald Trump criticized the Biden administration for its handling of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. Trump expressed concern that Afghanistan, now under Taliban control, has become a major global seller of U.S. military equipment, valuing it at a staggering $85 billion. According to Trump, the withdrawal is deemed the “most embarrassing moment” in U.S. history.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump Slams Biden Over Afghanistan: Claims Taliban-Controlled Nation is Now a Global Seller of $85 Billion in U.S. Military Equipment

Points to Peace Talks Success, Criticizes Hasty Troop Withdrawal

Former U.S. President Donald Trump pointed out that during the 18 months of peace negotiations with the Taliban in 2020, not a single American soldier lost their life. He emphasized the significance of the peace talks initiated during his presidency and highlighted the subsequent deal signed by then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, now the Deputy Prime Minister of the Taliban regime.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump criticized President Joe Biden’s approach, particularly the decision to withdraw soldiers before civilians during the evacuation. He lamented the tragic suicide bombing in August 2021 that claimed the lives of 13 American troops, calling it a devastating consequence of the hasty withdrawal. Trump asserted that hundreds of Americans were left stranded in the chaotic aftermath.

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Alleges Taliban’s Global Arms Trade, Highlights stark Contrast with His Peaceful Negotiations

The former president expressed deep sympathy for the families of the 13 soldiers and underscored the gravity of the situation, claiming that the soldiers were taken out before civilians. He painted a grim picture of the aftermath, where Afghanistan swiftly fell into the hands of the Taliban following the rapid withdrawal of U.S. and NATO forces.

In summary, Trump’s critique revolves around the handling of the Afghan withdrawal, the alleged sale of U.S. military equipment by the Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, and the tragic events during the evacuation. The former president emphasized the contrast between the peaceful negotiations of his tenure and the chaotic aftermath under the Biden administration.

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