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Israel and US Joint Military Drills: Two Nations to Hold Drill Simulating Strike on Iran Nuke Sites

Israel and US Joint Military Drills (Photo: The Times of Israel)

Israel and US have scheduled a joint military exercise that will involve a range of military assets to enhance the capabilities of both militaries.

Israel and US Joint Military Drills (Photo: U.S. Embassy in Israel)

Israel and US Joint Military Drills

In a recent report from The Defense Post, Israel and US have revealed that they plan to conduct joint military drills in the coming months. However, no specific dates were provided.

The report mentioned that Israel and US will be contributing a battalion of missiles and other assets and conduct a simulation response to a potential multi-missile attack.

Israel and the US declined to provide specifics when asked for comment, but they reportedly conduct joint military drills regularly.

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Israel and US Conduct Aerial Combat Drills

Israel and the US will conduct joint drills which simulate aerial combat scenarios, including attacks on enemy territories, achieving air superiority, and defending against cyber threats and espionage, according to JNS.

According to Israel and US, the joint exercise will strengthen the operational cooperation between the armies of both nations and their readiness.

The joint exercise of Israel and US back in January took place in Israel and the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. It was so far the largest joint drill they have conducted, as it includes 140 aircraft and 12 naval vessels.

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