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Pentagon’s “Replicator” Initiative: Deploying Thousands of Smaller Autonomous Systems by 2025 to Counter China 

Pentagon Plans to Counter China With Smaller Autonomous Systems (Photo: Circuit)

The Pentagon has launched the “Replicator” initiative, deploying smaller autonomous systems as a countermeasure to China’s larger military equipment.

Pentagon Plans to Counter China With Smaller Autonomous Systems (Photo: DefenseScoop)

Pentagon Plans to Build Autonomous Systems

According to TS2, the Pentagon has revealed that they have plans to build autonomous systems as an initiative to counter China’s big investments in military equipment. According to the initials, the initiative is called “Replicator,” a smaller autonomous system compared to China’s.

Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks stated that they will deploy cheaply built autonomous systems that can be sacrificed in combat. The Deputy Secretary also highlighted that the U.S. military focused on unmanned and autonomous systems when it comes to warfighting, which is in contrast to China’s military and navy, which has a large number.

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Pentagon Plans to Counter China With Smaller Autonomous Systems

The Maritime Executive reports that the US Navy and military may be smaller in numbers. Still, the US has access to the world’s most advanced unmanned and autonomous systems in warfighting. However, the US military and navy face challenges and must get the smaller autonomous systems fast to counter China.

The Deputy Secretary emphasized that the thousands of autonomous systems should be ready to be deployed in the war fight in 18-24 months. The sole focus of creating the autonomous systems is to counter China with a mass of their own.

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