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Marine Expeditionary Unit Concluded Fake Training Exercise in Reno with Emphasis on Mission Importance: “This Scenario is Fiction, But This Mission is Very Real to Us”

Marine Expeditionary Unit Emphasized Importance of the Training Exercise (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit concluded their training exercise in Reno with a focus on the importance of their mission despite it being fictional.

Marine Expeditionary Unit Emphasized the Importance of the Training Exercise (Photo:

Marine Expeditionary Unit Conducted Training Exercise

The 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit conducted training exercises a week ago. They made a U.S. Embassy Evacuation scenario which was overseen by Department of State advisors at the Reno-Stead Army.

Marine Expeditionary Unit trained for six days involving flying to Reno to assist a fictional U.S. Consulate during a simulated violent protests crisis. Moreover, the training exercise conducted by the Marine Expeditionary Unit also involved planning and coordination for crisis scenarios.

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Marine Expeditionary Unit Emphasized Importance of the Training Exercise

This is Reno reports that Col. Sean Dynan of the Marine Expeditionary Unit emphasized the importance of the training, stating that despite the scenarios being fictional, the mission should be treated like it is real. He also stated that training exercises like the Marine Expeditionary Unit conducted are critical for the nation.

The mission of the Marice Expeditionary Unit exercise will help them be ready to respond if Americans ever need their help.

Military officials stated that the Marine Expeditionary Unit has officially concluded its training exercise and will be returning to Camp Pendleton as the Marine Expeditionary Unit prepares for future missions to support the nation and protect Americans who are residing abroad.

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