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Meteors & Meteorites: Twelve Meteorites with the Near-Earth Asteroids Were Match Up by Researchers 

Twelve meteorites with near-Earth asteroids were matched up by researchers (Photo: CNBC)

A recent study on meteors and meteorites has revealed that twelve meteorites with near-earth asteroids have been successfully linked.

Twelve meteorites with near-Earth asteroids were matched up by researchers (Photo: BBC)

Italian Researches Match Up Twelve Meteorites with Near-Earth Asteroids

As per the report from Ground News, each day, small pieces of space debris, referred to as meteoroids, enter the Earth’s atmosphere and collide with its surface and ultimately becoming meteorites. Italian researchers have gathered to trace twelve meteorites with near-earth asteroids.

According to two Italian researchers, Albino Carbognani and Marco Fenucci, meteorites provide insight into their parent bodies. In their arXiv research paper, they analyzed 20 meteorites and traced most back to their parent asteroids. 25% of meteorites come from near-earth space collisions, not the Main Belt.

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How the Twelve Meteorites with Near-Earth Asteroids Got into the Main Belt

According to an article published in Universe Today, meteorites came from asteroids in the Main Belt and were formed from collisions millions of years ago. The research by the two Italian researchers suggests that some meteorites may come from celestial bodies in near-earth orbits.

This groundbreaking research sheds new light on the origins and trajectories of these celestial bodies, providing valuable insights into the workings of our solar system.

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