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Bronze Age Arrowhead Made From a Meteorite Has Been Discovered by Scientists

Bronze Age Arrowhead
Bronze Age Arrowhead has been found by scientists (Photo: Universe Today)

A recent scientific discovery has shed light on an intriguing artifact from the Bronze Age – an arrowhead crafted from a meteorite.

Scientists found a Bronze Age arrowhead crafted from a meteorite (Photo: Noriko Hara)

Scientists Found a Bronze Age Arrowhead

According to INDY100, the rare Bronze Age arrowhead – an artifact crafted from a meteorite was seen near Lake Biel in Switzerland during the 19th century. It was found at a site in Mörigen, near a pile-dwelling station, dating back to 900 or 800 BC. The Bern Historical Museum later acquired this artifact.

This fascinating find has sparked curiosity among experts in the field and opened up new avenues for research into the technological capabilities of ancient societies.

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Scientists Published a New Study About the Bronze Age Arrowhead

CNN has reported that the Journal of Archaeological Science recently published a study on a 39-millimeter-long Bronze Age arrowhead. Archaeologists evaluated the artifact to determine if it was crafted from a meteorite.

Initially, scientists believed that the iron in the Bronze Age arrowhead was sourced from the Twannberg meteorite that landed a few kilometers from the pile-dwelling. However, a recent study has revealed that this is not the case, nor is it from a meteorite that fell in Poland.

In Europe, only three meteorites have a similar chemical composition. Still, the one that is most likely the source of the iron from the Bronze Age arrowhead is the one in Kaalijarv, Estonia. This meteorite crashed around 1500 BC, producing several small fragments that later traveled southwest to Switzerland along trade routes. Beda Hofmann, the study’s lead author, and head of the Earth Sciences department at the Natural History Museum of Bern, explained this.

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