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Apollo-Class Asteroid 2020 PN1 Continues to Approach Earth! 

Apollo-class asteroid approaches Earth (Photo: Firstpost)

An Apollo-class asteroid identified as 2020 PN1 is currently approaching Earth and can potentially be risky.

Apollo-class asteroid continues to approach Earth (Photo: Live Science)

Apollo-Class Asteroid 2020 PN1 Approaches Earth

According to an article by Space Reference, NASA is currently keeping a watchful eye on an Apollo-Class asteroid that is projected to come dangerously close to Earth. The warning has been issued to ensure that all necessary precautions are taken and that the potential impact of this celestial object is minimized.

The Apollo-Class asteroid is identified as 2020 PN1; it is a tiny asteroid whose orbit crosses the orbit of the Earth. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) has recently designated 2020 PN1 as a “Near Earth Asteroid” due to its proximity to Earth in its orbit. However, there is no cause for alarm as computer simulations have determined that there is no immediate collision risk.

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Apollo-Class Asteroid 2020 PN1’s Close Approaches

According to HT Tech, the Apollo-Class asteroid 2020 PN1 is a small to average asteroid that orbits the sun every 367 days. It has a diameter between 0.014 to 0.063 kilometers, similar to a school bus or smaller.

Based on the information provided, the Apollo-class asteroid is expected to approach Earth at a distance of around 4.1 million kilometers. Notably, this asteroid is not only passing by at very close proximity but also moving toward our planet at a tremendous pace.

According to NASA, the Apollo-class asteroid 2020 PN1 is approaching Earth at a breakneck velocity of 17425 kilometers per hour.

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