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Baltimore Crime Report 2024: Top Neighborhoods with High Crime Rates

(photo: Schofield and Young)

Baltimore’s Neighborhood Crime Report

In Baltimore, safety concerns are critical as residents and visitors navigate a city marked by charm and challenges. Some neighborhoods stand out for their high crime rates, posing significant risks.

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(photo: Deep Sentinel)

High Crime Rates Persist Across Various Baltimore Neighborhoods

Cherry Hill tops the list with a violent crime rate of 3,146 per 100,000 residents, 235% above the national average. The presence of MS-13 underscores serious gang-related violence.

West Baltimore faces a staggering crime rate 353% above the national average, despite its cultural attractions like the Edgar Allan Poe Museum.

Greenmount East sees a crime rate 277% above the national average, often linked to local gangs like the BGF.

Fairfield District and Pulaski District have crime rates over 300% above the national average, despite smaller populations.

Brooklyn-Curtis Bay and Madison-Eastend have crime rates 291% and 324% above the national average, respectively.

Greater Rosemont has a crime rate 202% above the national average, dealing with issues like drug-related violence.

Orangeville District and Grove Park District also have crime rates significantly above the national average.

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Efforts to improve safety in Baltimore underscored by community engagement

Baltimore authorities continue efforts to enhance community safety with improved law enforcement and social services. Residents and visitors must remain informed and vigilant about neighborhood dynamics.

Navigating Baltimore means understanding its contrasting realities—a city of cultural richness alongside persistent crime challenges, according to the report of Southwest Journal.

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