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Milwaukee’s High Crime Neighborhoods: North Division, Franklin Heights, Metcalfe Park, and More


High Crime Rates and Social Challenges in Milwaukee Neighborhoods

Milwaukee faces significant safety challenges in neighborhoods like North Division, Franklin Heights, Metcalfe Park, Park West (Amani), and Garden Homes which report high crime rates well above the city average. These areas struggle with poverty, segregation, and social inequality, contributing to their elevated crime levels. For example, North Division recorded 10,914 incidents in 2020 with property crimes slightly exceeding violent ones affecting residents despite the area’s appealing older homes and green spaces, according to the report of Southwest Journal.

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Persistent Crime and Socioeconomic Struggles in Milwaukee’s Neighborhoods

Franklin Heights saw approximately 10,803 reported crimes the same year, highlighting issues in a community where many live below the poverty line. Despite efforts like the Century City Business Park crime continues to impact residents’ daily lives.

Metcalfe Park with a poverty rate over 60% reported 10,492 incidents predominantly violent crimes illustrating deep-rooted social and economic challenges needing urgent attention.

Park West (Amani) while seeing reduced crime rates recently reported 10,363 incidents with property crimes slightly higher than violent ones. The area remains densely populated, striving to enhance safety amidst ongoing issues like assault and robbery.

Garden Homes is known for its history and community spirit reported 9,886 crimes mainly property-related, highlighting ongoing struggles with poverty and neglect.

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Diverse and Vibrant Living Options in Milwaukee

Despite these challenges, Milwaukee offers diverse living experiences. Neighborhoods like the Historic Third Ward, Whitefish Bay, and the East Side attract residents seeking safer environments with vibrant cultural scenes and strong community ties. While the city faces disparities, its varied neighborhoods and cultural richness make it a place many proudly call home.

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