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1 in 16: Unpacking the Top 6 Most Crime-Prone Cities in Colorado

Crime Challenges Across Colorado Cities – Insights into Theft and Violent Crime Trends

Community Efforts to Enhance Safety – Crime Prevention Initiatives in Colorado’s Urban Areas

According to the Southwest Journal, these cities in Colorado are all dealing with different kinds of crime issues, from theft to more serious violent crimes. People in each city are working with police to make their neighborhoods safer and reduce crime for everyone.

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1 in 16: Unpacking the Top 6 Most Crime-Prone Cities in Colorado (PHOTO: Colorado Springs Gazette)

Federal Heights – Crime Challenges in a Small Town

Federal Heights is a small town with just over 12,000 people, but it’s known for having a lot of crime. There’s a 1 in 16 chance of being a victim of a crime there, which is really high. Most of the crimes are about stealing things like cars and breaking into homes. People who live there worry about safety and want the police to do more to protect them.

Colorado Springs – Rising Crime Concerns in a Growing City

In Colorado Springs, a big city with almost half a million people, crime has been going up. Total crime went up by 17%, and violent crime went up by 37%. Some parts of the city, like Stratmoor Valley and the southwest side near W Bijou Street, are known for more crime. People are worried, and they’re trying to make those areas safer and prevent crime in public places.

Canon City – Crime Rate Woes and Community Concerns

Canon City is known for its high crime rate, with residents facing a 1 in 21 chance of becoming crime victims. While violent crimes have increased recently, theft remains a major concern. In 2020, Canon City reported the highest rape rate in Colorado, raising significant safety concerns. Residents are advocating for increased police patrols and community programs to enhance safety and address these challenges effectively.

Sheridan – Mixed Safety Grades and Crime Prevention Tips

In Sheridan, the city gets a C-grade for crime, which means it has more crime than a lot of other cities. Theft, like stealing things from cars, and stealing cars themselves, are the biggest problems. People are advised to lock their cars and not leave valuables out where thieves can see them. Some parts of Sheridan are safer than others, like the west side, where crime is less common. They’re working on ways to make all parts of the city safer.

Glendale – Challenges Amidst High Crime Rates

Glendale ranks among Colorado’s cities with the highest crime rates, earning a reputation as one of the least safe. Crime is frequent, particularly on the northeast side, where residents face heightened risks of becoming victims. Violent incidents, such as assaults and fights, occur frequently. Efforts are underway in Glendale to bolster safety through increased police presence and community-driven initiatives aimed at reducing crime and improving neighborhood security.

Pueblo – Safety Concerns in a Historical City

Pueblo is a big city with more than 100,000 people, but it has a lot of crime problems. The crime rate there is really high compared to other places. Theft and car theft are big issues, especially in parts like the south and east sides of town. Police are trying to stop crime with more patrols and programs. Even though Pueblo has a rich history, safety is a big concern that they’re working on fixing.

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