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$20.5 Million in Aid: Texas and California Launch Guaranteed Income Programs to Combat Poverty

Texas’s Uplift Harris and Pomona, California’s HUG programs provide monthly payments to low-income families, illustrating a growing trend in using guaranteed income initiatives to address financial challenges across different cities.

Texas and California Launch $500 Monthly Payments Programs to Aid Low-Income Families

According to The US Sun, the Uplift Harris program in Texas is providing up to $9,000 over 18 months to families in Harris County, funded by the American Rescue Plan Act Act and benefiting households in ten high-poverty zip codes. Approximately 1,900 families receive $500 monthly to aid their financial stability during the pandemic, yet the program faces opposition from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who seeks to temporarily halt its implementation despite its widespread acclaim for supporting those in greatest need.

In Pomona, California, they have a similar program called the Household Universal Grants Program (HUG). It also gives $500 every month for 18 months, but it focuses on families with young children. In addition to the money, families can earn an extra $50 by taking part in surveys about how the program affects them. Mayor Tim Sandoval says this program is crucial for supporting Pomona families, showing a trend where more cities are trying out guaranteed income programs to help people with money problems.

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$20.5 Million in Aid: Texas and California Launch Guaranteed Income Programs to Combat Poverty (PHOTO: The Southern Maryland Chronicle)

$20.5 Million in Aid – Texas and California Launch Guaranteed Income Programs to Combat Poverty

Across the country, there’s a big debate about these guaranteed income programs. Some people say they are great for reducing poverty without the usual rules of welfare programs. Others worry it might make people rely too much on government money. Programs like Uplift Harris and HUG are important examples that could lead to bigger discussions about how the government helps people with money and social issues in the United States.

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