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$27.1M in Reimbursements: Maryland Takes Bold Step to Secure EBT Benefits with $20M Contract

State leaders in Baltimore, Maryland, approved a $20 million contract with Conduent to enhance security for EBT benefits against theft, aiming to protect nearly 943,000 recipients from card skimming and ensure reliable distribution of benefits like SNAP and cash assistance.

Maryland Approves $20M Contract to Secure EBT Benefits Amid Rising Theft Concerns in Baltimore

According to CBS News, in Baltimore, Maryland, state leaders have taken steps to protect EBT benefits for low-income families due to concerns about theft. Nearly 943,000 people rely on these benefits, including SNAP and cash assistance, but many have been affected by card skimming, leading to millions of dollars in stolen benefits being reimbursed by the Department of Human Services.

To tackle these problems, the Maryland Board of Public Works has approved a $20 million contract with Conduent, a company that has been handling EBT benefits since 2007. This contract aims to boost security by incorporating encrypted chip technology into EBT cards, which is expected to prevent future thefts and guarantee that families get the benefits they need.

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$27.1M in Reimbursements: Maryland Takes Bold Step to Secure EBT Benefits with $20M Contract (PHOTO: More In My Basket)

Conduent’s EBT Contract Faces Legal Challenge by FIS Amid Urgent Push for Enhanced Security

However, there’s been opposition. Fidelity Information Services (FIS) challenged the decision, arguing that the Conduent contract is illegal. Despite this, Maryland Secretary of Human Services Rafael Lopez remains confident in the legality of the Conduent contract and emphasized the urgency of protecting Marylanders from losing their benefits unfairly.

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