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1.4 Million Undocumented Immigrants Could Be Blocked from Voting as House Votes on SAVE Act – Must Know!

The House of Representatives is preparing to vote on the SAVE Act, which mandates proof of U.S. citizenship for voting in federal elections, sparking intense debate between Republicans emphasizing election security and Democrats concerned about potential disenfranchisement.

House Prepares for Vote on SAVE Act – Controversy Over Citizenship Proof Requirements

According to the San Straight Arrow News, the House of Representatives is getting ready for a big vote on the SAVE Act, brought forward by House Republicans. This bill wants to make it necessary for people to show proof of being a U.S. citizen to vote in federal elections. Right now, when people register to vote, they just check a box saying they’re citizens. But under the SAVE Act, they’d need documents like a U.S. passport or a photo ID with a birth certificate to prove citizenship. States would use federal databases to check citizenship, and the Department of Homeland Security could deport noncitizens who illegally register to vote.

House Speaker Mike Johnson from Louisiana strongly supports the SAVE Act. He says it’s important to stop noncitizens from voting and to make sure elections are fair. He thinks this bill will close gaps in the system and build trust in how elections work. But Democrats disagree. They say the SAVE Act puts too much burden on different groups, like military members, Native Americans, naturalized citizens, and older people who might find it hard to get the right documents.

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1.4 Million Undocumented Immigrants Could Be Blocked from Voting as House Votes on SAVE Act – Must Know! (PHOTO: Fox News)

House Decision on SAVE Act Could Shape Future Voting Rights Debate

After endorsing a measure in May to ban noncitizen voting in Washington, D.C., some Democrats now oppose the SAVE Act. This bill’s future in the Senate is uncertain due to partisan disagreements, which could stall its progress. The outcome will likely impact discussions on voting rights and electoral rules.


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