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Most Dangerous Cities in Louisiana: Rising Crime Rates and Safety Tips for Visitors

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Louisiana’s Most Dangerous Cities: New Orleans Leads in Murders and Assaults

Tips for Exploring Despite Rising Crime Rates in Most Dangerous Cities in Louisina

In Louisiana, crime is on the rise especially in cities like New Orleans. It’s got the highest murder rate in the whole country, with over 820 reported killings, according to the report of Southwest Journal. Assaults are also a big problem happening twice as much as the national average. But not every place in Louisiana is most dangerous. If you’re careful and plan well you can still enjoy visiting cool spots like Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo or the Oak Alley Plantation without worrying too much about safety.

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5 Most Dangerous Cities in Louisiana

Crime rates are soaring in small towns like Marksville, Hammond, Monroe, Alexandria, and Opelousas, Louisiana.


In Marksville is one of the most dangerous cities in Louisiana, with lots of violence and theft. People there face a high risk of being hurt or having their stuff stolen. Even though the town says everyone matters Americans still need to be careful.


Hammond, a quiet place near New Orleans is also seeing more crime. The chances of violence or property damage are higher here than in many other places. Americans who live and work there are feeling less safe than before.


Monroe is a city along a big highway and struggling with violent crime. It’s risky to live there with a high chance of getting hurt or having things stolen. Even if you’re visiting for fun it’s smart to keep your stuff safe.


Alexandria is a lively city by a river and has a dark side too. Crime is a big problem especially theft and violence. Even though the schools are good safety is still a big concern.


Opelousas, a small town near Lafayette has a rough history and a lot of crime now. Americans there are at risk of being attacked or robbed. The chances of stuff getting stolen are really high. Even though they’re trying to fix things it’s still a tough place to live.

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