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Property Tax Relief for Low-Income Seniors: Elizabethtown School Board Introduces!

Elizabethtown School Board Mulls Tax Refunds for Low-Income Seniors

Elizabethtown School Board Weighs Tax Refund for Low-Income Seniors Amid Budget Discussions

On March 26, the Elizabethtown School Board met and discussed the upcoming school year’s budget. They talked about providing low-income older people with a tax refund. The board wanted feedback on this concept. Homeowners over 65 who make $22,500 or less are to receive $500 back, while those who make between $22,501 and $45,000 are to receive $250 back. Property taxes can increase by 3.75% as a result. While some board members agreed, others did not. They will take a vote on the budget later, as they are still working it out.

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Property Tax Relief for Low-Income Seniors: Elizabethtown School Board Introduces! (PHOTO: Money)

Elizabethtown School Board Addresses Additional Matters Amid Budget Discussion

During the meeting, they also covered other topics. They made the decision to continue providing school lunches through Metz Food Service Management Co. They’re also receiving a new car for food service. Bear Creek Principal Jacques Viau, who is retiring, and Director of Buildings and Grounds Adam Bergens, who is going for another position, were bid farewell. The board is working to oversee the finances and ensure that the schools are operating efficiently.

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