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$375 Million Stakes: Illinois’ Grocery Tax Sparks Political Showdown Between Pritzker and Republicans!

Illinois’ Grocery Tax: A Political Battle Between Pritzker and Republicans

Local Governments’ Concerns Amidst Discussions to Resolve the Fate of Illinois’ Grocery Tax

According to The Center Square, the argument about Illinois’ grocery tax keeps going. Republicans want their plan considered while Governor J.B. Pritzker pushes to get rid of Illinois’ grocery tax completely. Illinois’ grocery tax was put in place in 2022 to fight high prices but now Pritzker wants it gone for good. However local governments worry about losing a lot of money – around $375 million – if Illinois’ grocery tax disappears. This has led to talks about finding solutions.

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$375 Million Stakes: Illinois’ Grocery Tax Sparks Political Showdown Between Pritzker and Republicans! (PHOTO: Sapling)

Illinois Lawmakers Grapple with Illinois’ Grocery Tax, Local Funding, and Sustainable Solutions

State Senator Don DeWitte who represents St. Charles says getting rid of Illinois’ grocery tax without finding other ways to make up for the lost money would really hurt local communities. DeWitte doesn’t like how the governor is handling things. He thinks his bill which suggests using some of the state’s income tax money to make up for what local governments would lose is being ignored. There’s not much time left for lawmakers to figure out what to do about Illinois’ grocery tax before they have to make other spending decisions. Meanwhile Pritzker is announcing the next part of his plan in Chicago to help areas without many grocery stores. He wants to encourage new stores to open by offering them grants. Although this plan isn’t meant to lower grocery prices but instead help struggling stores Americans are still watching closely to see if it works. Pritzker says if the plan doesn’t do what it’s supposed to he might stop it. He wants to make sure taxpayer money is being used wisely. As the debate continues everyone involved is trying to balance tax rules, local money worries, and making sure everyone can easily get groceries.

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