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Exploring the Other Side of the 5 Worst Houston Neighborhoods in 2024- Unveiling the Underbelly!

Exploring Houston’s Underbelly: Uncovering the City’s Most Challenged Neighborhoods

Unveiling 2024’s Worst Houston Neighborhoods with RoadSnacks Data

Picture us in a bustling café in Houston the scent of coffee swirling around us. Our focus isn’t on the city’s tourist attractions today. Instead, we’re delving into the less secure areas of Houston. Armed with data from RoadSnacks we’re uncovering the neighborhoods that face challenges in terms of safety using criteria like income, employment rates, crime statistics and housing prices to compile our Worst Houston Neighborhoods list.

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Exploring the Other Side of the 5 Worst Houston Neighborhoods in 2024- Unveiling the Underbelly! (PHOTO:

Shedding Light on High-Crime Neighborhoods While Emphasizing City’s Bright Spots

These neighborhoods aren’t the ones you’d want to wander around in after dark. They’re places where crime happens way too often like car thefts in broad daylight and robberies happening every day. It’s not good news but it’s important to know what’s happening in our city. Even with a lot of police working hard crime is going up in Houston, which is worrying. But Houston isn’t all bad news. There are still some nice neighborhoods where you can enjoy things like Sunday markets in Montrose or fun Crawfish Festivals in Greater Heights.

5 Worst Houston Neighborhoods in 2024

1. Far North. Imagine yourself driving down the I-45, with Houston’s skyline slowly disappearing from your rearview mirror while the airport remains bustling nearby. Welcome to Far North situated on the northern outskirts of the city. Far North presents an interesting contrast – job opportunities are scarce marked by an unemployment rate of 5.5%, and the median income stands at only $30,316. However, there’s a bright side: Far North boasts a thriving retail scene offering a multitude of stores to explore. Moreover, for those seeking affordable housing options, Far North presents homes with a median value as low as $52,586.

2. Northeast. Nestled in the heart of Houston is the unpretentiously named “Northeast” neighborhood devoid of elaborate titles or embellishments. Despite its simplicity Northeast presents appealing features for locals such as the nearby Brock Park Golf Course a haven for golf enthusiasts. Nature lovers also find respite in the vicinity of Lake Houston just a brief drive away. However, with a median income of $32,777 residents may need to weigh their options carefully before indulging in leisure pursuits like golfing or lakeside picnics.

3. Southeast. Now let’s talk about Southeast, another neighborhood in Houston. It’s easy to find because it’s well-known for places like the Houston Zoo and the Houston Museum of Natural Science. But despite these fun places Southeast has some money problems, which puts it third on the list. The people there don’t have many jobs with an unemployment rate of 6.1%. Their average income is $41,297 which isn’t very high. But the good news is houses in Southeast are not too expensive with most costing less than $100,000.

4. East End. Enter East End, a neighborhood steeped in history like a living book. This area played a pivotal role in shaping modern Houston serving as the capital of Texas during its struggle for independence from Mexico in the 19th century. Once a bustling center of industry and trade East End retains its allure today with a variety of dining, shopping and leisure options including the renowned Gus Wortham Golf Course. However the economic landscape has shifted making it challenging to secure high-paying employment opportunities in the area.

5. North. If Far North seems like a distant journey, North Houston might appear as a more accessible option. However, it holds the title of the fifth least desirable neighborhood in Houston for 2022. North Houston’s tale is a familiar one – its economic outlook is as unclear as a foggy morning. Although job opportunities are relatively abundant with an unemployment rate of 4.5%, the wages they provide remain modest.

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