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8 Most Dangerous Cities in Louisiana 2024: In the Shadow of Crime

Louisiana’s Crime Spike Raises Concerns and Shadows Its Vibrant Culture

Louisiana Grapples with Soaring Crime Rates Amidst its Rich Cultural Tapestry

In Louisiana, where many folks live by the Gulf of Mexico, there’s been a big increase in crime lately. This state, with its mix of French, Spanish, Creole, African and German influences is facing some tough times. The number of people getting hurt or robbed has gone up a lot. It’s sad to say but Louisiana has the highest murder rate in the whole country with more than 820 murders reported. But not every place here is dangerous. Some spots, like the French Quarter in New Orleans or cool old places like Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo can still be safe and fun to visit.

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8 Most Dangerous Cities in Louisiana 2024: In the Shadow of Crime. (PHOTO: Forbes Advisor)

Exploring Louisiana’s Treasures Amidst Rising Concerns for Safety

Even though crime is on the rise there are still cool places to check out in Louisiana. Places like the French Quarter and the Oak Alley Plantation are still great spots to explore. But it’s important to be careful and watch out for yourself while you’re here. Officials are trying hard to make things better, but it’s going to take time. By working together to tackle problems like poverty and helping the police, there’s hope that Louisiana can become safer for everyone. In the meantime just be smart and cautious when you’re out and about.

8 Most Dangerous Cities in Louisiana 2024

1. Opelousas. Opelousas, a small Louisiana town with a tumultuous history, grapples with persistently high crime rates earning it the unfortunate distinction of being one of the state’s most perilous cities. Despite efforts to overcome its past associations with gambling and prostitution the town’s 15,600 residents face a notable risk of assault or robbery with a troubling 1 in 53 chance of becoming a victim. Additionally, Opelousas ranks prominently for property crimes with a 1 in 15 likelihood of occurrence including reports of minor thefts and vandalism. Situated just 25 minutes north of Lafayette, Opelousas remains haunted by the shadow of its criminal history, presenting ongoing challenges for the safety and security of its residents.

2. Alexandria. Located along the Red River in Louisiana, Alexandria is home to approximately 48,000 residents and boasts attractions such as the Alexandria Zoological Park and the Alexandria Museum of Art. However, the city grapples with high crime rates rendering it one of the riskiest places in the state. Areas like downtown and Sonia Quarters stretching along Interstate 49 present particular safety concerns with residents reporting a concerning 7,300 property crimes per 100,000 people last year—nearly three times the state average. Additionally, violent crimes including a troubling number of assaults reached 1,880 incidents per 100,000 residents. Despite these challenges, Alexandria maintains an education system that matches or exceeds the state average, particularly in reading proficiency.

3. Monroe. Nestled along Interstate 20, Monroe, a city of approximately 47,284 residents boasts an educational profile on par with the national average with around 24% of its populace holding at least an undergraduate degree. However, Monroe faces a troubling reputation for its elevated rate of violent crimes earning it the unenviable title of the fourth most dangerous city in Louisiana. With 2,631 incidents per 100,000 people residents are confronted with a 1 in 38 risk of victimization—the highest rate of violent crime in the state. Visitors drawn to Monroe’s attractions like the Biedenharn Museum are advised to safeguard their belongings due to the city’s heightened rates of property vandalism and theft which tally at 5,616 incidents per 100,000 residents resulting in a 1 in 18 risk of property loss, double the state average.

4. Hammond. Despite its modest population of approximately 20,000, Hammond, a suburban town located north of New Orleans has found itself in the spotlight for concerning reasons. In recent years, it has gained notoriety as one of Louisiana’s most dangerous cities. According to FBI crime data, Hammond faces a troubling rate of 1,345 incidents of violent crime per 100,000 residents resulting in a high 1 in 7 risk of encountering violence—a figure three times higher than the national average. Additionally, personal property in Hammond is vulnerable with 6,077 reported incidents per 100,000 equating to a 1 in 6 chance of property damage. As Hammond confronts these challenge residents and authorities are urged to prioritize safety concerns and collaborate to establish a secure environment for all.

5. Marksville. Marksville, a small Louisiana town boasting a population of just under 5,000 finds itself grappling with significant crime issues. Despite its modest size it has gained notoriety as one of the United States’ most dangerous cities and holds the fifth spot in Louisiana for its level of peril. Residents of Marksville face a notably high risk of falling victim to crime with an overall likelihood of 1 in 14 and a 1 in 63 chance of encountering violent incidents commonly assaults. Property crimes, particularly petty theft are prevalent presenting a 1 in 18 chance of belongings being targeted. Despite a slight improvement in crime rates, possibly reflecting the town’s motto of “where everybody is somebody,” visitors passing through Marksville are advised to remain vigilant whether they’re exploring the Grand Paragon Casino or browsing local shops such as the Tanglewood Soap Company.

6. Bastrop. In the quaint town of Bastrop, situated near the Arkansas border in Louisiana, inhabitants grapple with elevated crime rates despite the allure of its picturesque plantation-style residences. Despite its modest population of approximately 9,500, Bastrop boasts one of the highest crime rates in both the state and the nation resulting in a concerning 1 in 13 likelihood of falling victim to crime. Tragically, murders are a frequent occurrence and incidents of theft significantly outweigh other property crimes. While rural areas offer some respite from criminal activity certain neighborhoods such as Newhlock and Bastrop South experience higher crime rates. Local authorities and residents are diligently addressing these challenges in the hopes of fostering a safer community for all.

7. Bogalusa. Situated north of Lake Pontchartrain near the Mississippi border, Bogalusa, originally a timber town has seen a decline in its population in recent years dropping from 11,427 to 10,569. Despite this, it remains one of Louisiana’s most dangerous cities. While there’s been a slight decrease in the murder rate it still surpasses national averages significantly standing at 1,457 per 100,000. Residents face a high risk of falling victim to violent crimes including a concerning number of sexual assaults with odds at 1 in 69. Property crimes also pose a substantial threat with 3,737 incidents per 100,000 and the city’s auto theft rate exceeds the national average indicating insecurity for vehicles. Bogalusa grapples with these challenges as it strives to enhance safety for its residents.

8. New Orleans. Known for its delectable coffee and beignets, New Orleans is more than just a culinary hub. With a population of 377,000, the city is famed for its unique urban parks but unfortunately carries the weight of being one of Louisiana’s and the nation’s most perilous cities. Reaching a high crime rate of 5,500 per 100,000 people, residents and visitors face a 1 in 18 chance of becoming crime victims. While certain areas like SugarHill and the Venetian Isles bear the brunt of reported crimes places like the Central Business District and the French Quarter experience more petty crimes due to the influx of tourists. With over 3,500 auto thefts reported last year and a total property crime rate of 4,550 per 100,000 there’s evident risk to vehicles and possessions. Despite these challenges New Orleans offers a vibrant cultural experience but caution and awareness remain crucial for residents and tourists alike whether they’re attending Mardi Gras, the Jazz Festival or simply exploring the city’s rich history.

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