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Bluffton Councilmember Arrested for Suspended License: Frazier Expresses Disappointment and Unawareness of Violation

(PHOTO: Law Office of Matthew W. Peterson)

Bluffton Council Member Bridgette Frazier Arrested for Driving with Suspended License

Transparency Concerns Arise as Bluffton Official Bridgette Frazier Faces Arrest for Suspended License

According to the crime report of WIS TV, Bluffton town council member Bridgette Frazier was arrested over the weekend for driving with a suspended license sparking a wave of surprise and concern. Frazier, express her shock on Facebook and claimed ignorance about the suspension and hinted at feeling let down by those around her. The incident unfolded when Officer Richard Ramirez pulled over Frazier’s gray SUV clocking it at 56 mph in a 35-mph zone. Frazier insisted she had not been notified by the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles about the suspension. Ramirez report detailed an extensive history of violations including multiple suspensions for similar offenses. Despite media attempts to gather more information from the police department including requests for body cam footage and officials declined stating such details were not public record.

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Bluffton Council member Bridgette Frazier Arrested for Driving with Suspended License. (PHOTO: WTOC)

 Bridgette Frazier’s Arrest for Driving with Suspended License

Frazier acknowledged her shortcomings admitting to not being immune to traffic violations and pledging to address them promptly. She even lightened the mood by jokingly inviting others to send her a shirt featuring her mugshot. With Frazier’s arrest for driving with a suspended license questions arise about the accountability of public officials and the importance of transparency in governance.

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