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FBI Raid on Eric Adams’ Aide – Two Homes Searched in New York City!

FBI Raids Bronx Homes of Eric Adams’ Aide Winnie Greco: Investigation Deepens

Expanding Probe: Federal Raid on Advisors’ Homes Highlights Growing Investigations Around NYC Mayor

According to Star Stripes, federal authorities conducted raids at two Bronx residences owned by Winnie Greco, a key advisor to New York City Mayor Eric Adams. Greco, who serves as the director of Asian Affairs for the mayor and is involved in fundraising, is currently under scrutiny. While the specific cause for the raids remains undisclosed, they indicate heightened attention from law enforcement toward Mayor Adams and his associates. These actions coincide with ongoing investigations by federal prosecutors in Manhattan, who seized Adams’ electronic devices in the past year.

The investigation into Greco is being led by the U.S. attorney’s office in Brooklyn. Greco was put on leave after the raids. The city’s Department of Investigation started looking into her last November after reports suggested she used her job to get personal benefits, like asking a city worker to renovate her home for free. Greco’s situation adds to the trouble Mayor Adams is facing, with other top aides also being investigated for possible illegal activities.

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NYC Mayor Eric Adams opens legal defense fund amid campaign probe | The Hill

FBI Raid on Eric Adams’ Aide – Two Homes Searched in New York City!(PHOTO: getty images)

Mayor Adams Vows to Uphold Law Amidst Growing Investigations Surrounding His Team

Despite all this, Mayor Adams says his administration will always follow the law and ethical rules. He hasn’t talked much about the investigations but promises to cooperate with authorities. Greco’s case highlights the serious challenges Mayor Adams and his team are dealing with, and it raises concerns about the behavior of people close to the mayor.

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