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Watch Out: Scammers on the Prowl for SNAP & EBT Benefits!

Fraudulent Activity Targeting SNAP Benefits Intensifies in Ohio

Charles Burns’ Account Reveals Vulnerability of SNAP & EBT Recipients to Skimming Scams

According to published article of wkbn, As incidents of fraudulent activity targeting SNAP & EBT benefits escalate in Ohio authorities are urging recipients to remain vigilant. Charles Burns  a victim of such theft recounts his shock upon discovering over $500 missing from his EBT card during a routine grocery purchase. This form of crime termed skimming involves criminals using sophisticated methods to duplicate card information resulting in unauthorized charges. Burns’ experience underscores the vulnerability of individuals reliant on SNAP & EBT assistance and the potential impact on their ability to access essential goods. Authorities are investigating these incidents and cautioning recipients to monitor their accounts closely to prevent further exploitation.

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Watch Out: Scammers on the Prowl for SNAP & EBT Benefits!(PHOTO: KGAN)

Trumbull County Faces Escalating EBT Theft Trends

In Trumbull County alone there have been five reported cases of EBT theft since Tuesday indicating a troubling trend. John Gargano head of Trumbull County Jobs & Family Services highlights the evolving nature of criminal tactics which exploit advancements in technology to perpetrate such crimes. The Ohio Department of Job & Family Services reports a significant financial toll with approximately 3,400 Ohioans reimbursed for stolen benefits since October 2022 amounting to $1.4 million. Amidst these challenges authorities emphasize the importance of enhanced security measures and heightened awareness to safeguard the welfare of SNAP beneficiaries and mitigate further financial losses.

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