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Committee Sends Senior Tax Rebate Bill to Arizona Senate Floor – Golden Opportunity

Senator Kern Proposes $250 Rebate for Arizona Seniors Amid Budget Concerns – Age Adjustment

Committee Sends Senior Tax Rebate Bill to Arizona Senate Floor – Golden Opportunity. (PHOTO: iStock)

Debate Ignites as Arizona Considers $390 Million Senior Tax Rebate Initiative -Financial Stir

According to White Mountain Independent, Arizona‘s facing money problems but there’s a new idea to give some cash back. Senator Anthony Kern wants to give $250 to every American in Arizona who’s 65 or older through senior tax rebate bill. Originally it was for Americans aging 55 and up but Arizona‘s government changed it to 65 to save money. The government think it’ll cost about $390 million. Senator Kern says it’s like a similar plan they did before for families and older folks who need help with money because prices keep going up.

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 Partisan Divide Emerges as Arizona Senate Debates Senior Tax Rebate Proposal – Financial Tension

Some senators in Arizona‘s government are arguing about this idea. Democrats are worried about how much money Arizona has. Senator Lela Alston says we need to be careful because we already owe $400 million but Republicans like Senator Jake Hoffman think giving money back to Americans is a good idea. Hoffman says it’s the people’s money, so they should get it back. Now the whole Arizona Senate will decide and they’ll talk with the governor and other leaders to figure out what to do. Arizona’s government is trying to make sure last year’s problems don’t happen again when someone took credit for giving money back regarding the senior tax rebate.

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