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Most Dangerous Cities in Pennsylvania – 9 Places You Should Avoid in 2024

The Top Nine Most Dangerous Cities in Pennsylvania of 2024

10 Most Dangerous Cities in Pennsylvania (2024 Update) | House Grail

Southwest Journal lists Pennsylvania’s nine most hazardous cities for 2024. Pittsburgh and Philadelphia aren’t the only ones. Daily robberies and gunshots are an issue. These communities work hard to improve things, so there’s hope. Beware of problems if you live or visit here.

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9 Most Dangerous Cities in Pennsylvania


In a city with a lot of crime, Coca-Cola Park and the PPL Center are fun places to go. Allentown is sixth in the state in terms of chance of being broken into in 2020, with a 1 in 43 chance. Even with these problems the city has one of the lowest death rates which is a sign of hope.

Darby Township

Darby Township is on of most dangerous cities in Pennsylvania. It is southwest of Philadelphia. With a population of 9,256 people, there will be 734 serious crimes for every 100,000 people in 2020. Darby Township which is the smallest town warns of crime in cities.

Swatara Township

Property crime in Swatara Township is hidden by serenity. The fifth most property crime in the state happens in Swatara Township but the least violent crimes happen there. Residents need to be careful because two property crimes happen every day. Theft charges are common in this 26,643-person area so extra security is needed.


Southwest of Scranton is Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, which is the sixth most dangerous place in Pennsylvania for murder and property crime. With 616 theft charges in 2020 and the fourth-highest rate of burglaries in the state and people need to keep their homes and things safe. A place of 40,722 people with a lot of problems has the fifth most rapes.


There is a high rate of rape and murder in Riverfront Park at night, with a murder happening almost every month. Pennsylvania has the sixth-highest rate of burglaries which shows how hard it is for the 49,195 people who live in Harrisburg.


The 11,021 people who live in Wilkinsburg are afraid of having the state’s highest murder rate in 2020. The placehas the third-highest number of burglaries in the state. Wilkinsburg is one of most dangerous cities in Pennsylvania and theft-prone places which shows how important it is to have laws that protect communities.


Three events every month in a city of 22,705 people show the situation. Pottstown is third in the country for property crime, and its criminal scene is complicated. To lower it law officers and community groups need to work together.


McKeesport, a dangerous town southeast of Pittsburgh. As of 2020, there were 7 killings and 1,531 other violent crimes per 100,000 people in metropolitan areas. With 20,765 people, McKeesport has Pennsylvania’s highest rate of burglaries which makes property crime and neighborhood safety problems worse.


It’s Pennsylvania’s oldest city and is close to Philadelphia. There are 33,905 people living in the city it comes second in murders per capita and third in general violence which shows that society is in trouble. With more break-ins and more violence. Chester’s crime problem needs everyone to work together to fix the problems that cause it and make it less harmful to people and the city.

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Safety tips in travelling to most dangerous cities in Pennsylvania

Traveling to high-crime locations like Darby Township requires personal safety. Check local safety advice and avoid nighttime solo travel. Consider a money belt or concealed bag for crucial documents and cash to keep valuables safe. Avoid dark or lonely regions and be attentive. Before entering public transit or rideshares, check the car and driver. Finally, believe your instincts and leave a hazardous situation quickly and seek help from local authorities or trusted persons.

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