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Beware of The Top 10 Most Dangerous States in the US of 2024

Top 10 Most Dangerous States in the US

The Top 10 Most Dangerous States in the US of 2024. (PHOTO: marexdefault)

According to Southwest Journal, people who live in top 10 most dangerous states in the US places with a lot of crime worry about their safety. They try to find out about crimes in the area and stay away from dangerous spots. A lot of people, including me, add protection devices to their homes to make them safer. We feel safer because of this. The police want everyone to look out for and report anything strange. Since people want their neighborhoods to be better, they do what they can to stay safe and help others.

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The Top 10 Most Dangerous States in the US of 2024


Famous for its splendor Alaska is struggling. Recent data shows it has the most violent crimes per person nationwide. Remoteness, drug problems, and insufficient police may cause this. Alaska must protect people and preserve its beauty.

New Mexico

New Mexico has many violent and property crimes. Studies link this to financial insecurity, drug misuse, and justice system issues. New Mexico must fix these concerns and keep people safe to maintain the magic.


Tennessee is famed for music but Memphis’ crime is rampant. Studies suggest it’s because some people are destitute and gangs cause trouble. Tennessee must solve these concerns to preserve music and assure safety.


Vegas has violence beyond its attractions. Numerous people come and go, not everyone has the same amount of money and nightlife is a major issue. To calm everyone and keep the pleasure going, Nevada must address these issues.


Criminality exists in culturally rich Louisiana especially New Orleans. Some poor people integrate into the culture according to research. Law enforcement and culture preservation are difficult in Louisiana.


Crime spread especially in Little Rock, is destroying Arkansas’ natural beauty. The experts say it’s because some people are impoverished and have different educational options.


St. Louis and Kansas City are crime-ridden. Cities are failing, therefore some individuals are treated unfairly based on race and have unequal opportunities. Missouri must fix these city concerns for residential safety.

South Carolina

Drugs, weapons, and income are connected to crime in South Carolina, especially Columbia, according to studies. For safety, South Carolina must address these challenges.


Delaware is tiny yet crime-ridden especially in Wilmington. Studies believe it’s because some people are poor and drugs are a problem, police struggle to manage things. Delaware must ensure compact space safety.


Maryland—especially Baltimore—has high crime. City issues, poverty, and police-community interactions are blamed by experts. Maryland must solve city safety concerns.

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Safety tips in travelling to the top 10 most dangerous states in the US

Remember these tips for neighborhood safety. Lock your house and automobile doors and windows to protect your belongings. Be aware of your surroundings and follow your instincts when you’re outside. If something looks off, be vigilant. Avoid flashy displays and stay in well-lit areas, especially at night. Stay in touch with friends and family while out and tell someone you trust where you’re going. Avoid posting too much personal information online. Doing these things can keep you and others safe.

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