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US Space Force Guardians Bans Generative AI to Avoid Data Leaks

US Space Force Guardians prevents use of AI (Photo: Military)

US Space Force Guardians have temporarily prohibited the use of generative AI to prevent data leaks.

US Space Force Guardians prevent use of AI (Photo: SPACE)

US Space Force Guardians Temporarily Bans Use of Generative Artificial Intelligence

According to The Debrief, on September 29th, the US Space Force Guardians issued a memo announcing a temporary ban on the use of generative artificial intelligence.

The memo stated that AI tools like ChatGPT and OpenAI can pose data leaks, which is a concern for the US Space Force Guardians. Therefore, they have warned their personnel not to use AI on any government computers.

Furthermore, the US Space Force Guardians’ author of the September memo stated that the use of such AI tools will undoubtedly revolutionize the workforce and enhance the US Space Force Guardians’ ability to operate at speed. However, it will risk the data.

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US Space Force Guardians Bans AI: Pentagon to Examine Other AI Capabilities

According to COINGEEK, the US Space Force Guardians are banning web-based AI as a strategic pause. The Pentagon introduced a new task force that will examine the integrating language models and other AI capabilities that could help the various Department of Defense offices.

Task Force Lima was created in August, whose mission is to evaluate, coordinate, and utilize generative artificial intelligence to the best of its capabilities. Similar to those cited in the recent US Space Force Guardians memorandum.

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