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Mars Express Captures New Mysterious Photos of Mars Showcasing Massive Martian Canyon

Mars Express Mission (Photo: European Space Agency)

Recently, Mars Express spacecraft took some new photographs of Mars, which display a significant canyon on the planet’s surface.

Mars Express Mission (Photo: European Space Agency)

Mars Express Mission Showcases Massive Martian Canyon

According to SPACE, a new image emerged after Mars Express took footage of Mars, showcasing a massive valley system that stretches the length of Italy.  The footage shows a vast complex known as the Noctis Labyrinthus valley system that is sandwiched between Valles Marineris and a huge volcano system in the Tharsis region.

The photos that were taken by the Mars Express showed the highest plateaus seen represent the original surface level before chunks of surface fell away. Moreover, it also showed gigantic landslides covering the valley slopes and floors. Mars Express also showed other valley slopes that show large dune fields created by sands blown both down and upslope by Martian winds.

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Mars Express Continues to Orbit Around Mars

According to City Life, the footage taken by Mars Express shows another side of the Red Planet. The Mars Express will still continue its mission to orbit around Mars to monitor its weather and gather data that could shed light on its complex history.

Scientists studying the Red Planet also believe that the Red Planet, known for its dusty atmosphere, once had water flowing on its surface. However, the current weather on the planet poses a challenge for any living thing to survive on the Red Planet.

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