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North Korea’s Spy Satellite Crashed Into Sea, Vows 3rd Try this Year

North Korea's Spy Satellite Ends in Failure (Photo: Daily Express)

North Korea’s second attempt to launch a spy satellite has failed again, and the satellite has crashed into the sea. However, the country has vowed to make a third attempt later this year.

North Korea’s Spy Satellite Ends in Failure (Photo: NK News)

Spy Satellite Ends in Failure

According to the reports from SPACE, North Korea has lost another spy satellite after it encountered a rocket stage separation issue on Thursday.

According to an article from Al Jazeera, the launch of the spy satellite took place at dawn on Thursday but failed because of a problem in the third stage. of the rocket carrying the spy satellite.

South Korea’s military detected the spy satellite as it traversed international space over the Yellow Sea. Japan received emergency warnings advising them to take cover indoors as the spy satellite flew over its southernmost island of Okinawa to the Pacific Ocean. The reports from Japan stated that some of the debris of the failed spy satellite may have landed in the Pacific, near the Philippines.

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North Korea to Launch Another Spy Satellite on October

North Korea has already failed to launch a spy satellite for two times. The first time was on May 31, which also crashed into the sea shortly after liftoff. The remains of the 1st spy satellite were pulled from the sea in June.

This was the second attempt to launch the spy satellite. However, it also failed.

North Korea’s National Aerospace Development Administration said it would make another attempt to launch a spy satellite in October after studying what went wrong with the launch of the 2nd spy satellite, AP News reported.

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1 Comment

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