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India on the Moon! Chandrayaan-3 Moon Landing Makes History, Prime Minister Modi Expressed His Joy

Chandrayaan-3 Made A Successful Landing on the Moon (Photo: Northeast Live)

The successful landing of Chandrayaan-3 on the moon has made history. Prime Minister has expressed his happiness at this achievement.

Chandrayaan-3 Made A Successful Landing on the Moon (Photo: OTV News)

Chandrayaan-3 Made A Successful Landing on the Moon

SPACE reports that India has now joined the nations that have made a soft landing on the moon on August 23 with its Chandrayaan-3. India became the fourth nation to have successfully touched the moon’s surface with the US, China, and the Soviet Union.

The mission of Chandrayaan-3 landed at the same location Russia’s failed Luna-25 mission was aiming for. According to the reports, Chandrayaan-3 will deploy a solar-powered rover in order to study the moon’s soil and rocks.

Chandrayaan-3 is expected to last one lunar day, which is about 14 Earth days. When the sun finally sets on Chandrayaan-3, its battery will deplete and will bring an end to India’s historic mission.

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Prime Minister Modi Expressed His Joy on Chandrayaan-3’s Successful Landing

According to the Indian Express, India’s Prime Minister has expressed his joy with Chandrayaan-3’s success. The Chandrayaan-3’s soft landing on the moon has made a historic event for the people of India.

Prime Minister stated in a video conference that the Chandrayaan-3’s successful moon landing is not just an achievement of India but a success that belongs to humanity.

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