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Scientists Showed a Beautiful Globular Cluster in New Infrared Image from European Southern Observatory

Globular Cluster NGC 6723 (Photo: The Sky Live)

A group of esteemed scientists showed a beautiful globular cluster in a new image from European Southern Observatory.

Globular Cluster NGC 6723 (Photo: Telescope Live)

VISTA Image Shows a Beautiful Globular Cluster

According to Ground News, European Southern Observatory’s (ESO) Visible and Infrared Survey Telescope for Astronomy (VISTA) has snapped a new image of the beautiful globular cluster NGC 6723, which was revealed to be located about 28,000 light-years from Earth in the constellation Sagittarius.

The new beautiful globular cluster contains hundreds of thousands of gravitationally-bound stars. This resulted in the beautiful globular cluster appearing like a spherical-shaped group of stars when viewed from the Earth.

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Beautiful Globular Cluster NGC 6723

As per the reports from SPACE, ESO officials stated that compared to other beautiful globular clusters, NGC 6723 contains hundreds of thousands to millions of stars. Astronomers have also added that this newfound beautiful globular cluster NGC 6723 is believed to be nearly 13 billion years old.

ESO additionally stated that the beautiful globular cluster can be an addition to the 150 globular clusters that have been found in our Milky Way galaxy. Further, this beautiful globular cluster NGC 6723 can be the key to pinpointing our planet within the Milky Way.

The recent photo of the beautiful globular cluster NGC 6723 was revealed on August 14, and this captures a beautiful globular cluster at the center with stars stretching across the full width of the photo.

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