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Ukraine is Losing US-Made Military Equipment on the Battlefield

Ukraine is Losing US-Made Military Equipment on the Battlefield (Photo: Atlantic Council)

Ukraine has been experiencing a loss of military equipment produced in the United States, which has resulted in the need for a change in tactics.

Ukraine is Losing US-Made Military Equipment on the Battlefield (Photo: The New York Times)

Ukraine is Losing US-Made Military Equipment that they Received as a Support

According to The Messenger News, the United States has provided Ukraine with over $47 billion worth of military equipment as support over the past year and a half. However, Ukraine is losing US-made military equipment and has fallen short of its goal of reclaiming its territory.

The White House has requested an additional $13 billion to continue supporting Ukraine’s defense, but much of the costly equipment from the US has been destroyed. This could strain global efforts to help with the conflict, as Ukrainian forces have yet to make significant advancements.

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Ukraine is Forced to Change Tactics

According to Ticker News, the tactics employed by Ukraine have changed in response to setbacks in the conflict. Initially, they used vehicle attacks on Russian positions, but now they rely on continuous artillery barrages from a safe distance to weaken enemy defenses. While this approach has reduced equipment losses from 20% to 10% in the initial two weeks of the counteroffensive, it is a slow and costly tactic that requires plenty of ammunition.

The prolonged nature of this conflict means that Ukrainian forces will endure more casualties on the front lines. Ukrainian officials acknowledge the shift in strategy towards attrition-based warfare, but skeptics caution against underestimating the high costs involved. Ukraine’s limited resources exacerbate their situation, as Russian forces have suffered significant losses, with over 2,200 tanks destroyed since the conflict began.

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