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Corpus Christi Couple in Texas Pleads Guilty for Carrying Over 5K Grams of Meth in Cookies

Pleads guilty
Corpus Christi Couple pleads guilty for carrying meth (Photo: Vindicate Law)

Corpus Christi Couple has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute over 5,000 grams of methamphetamine with cookies during a traffic stop.

Corpus Christi Couple pleads guilty for carrying meth concealed by cookies (Photo: Tahoe Justice Court)

Corpus Christi Couple Caught Carrying Meth

As per the official statement released by the United States Attorney’s Office, the Corpus Christi couple hailing from Texas was detained by law enforcement officials for tailgating, the authorities observed that the couple’s vehicle was following dangerously close, which led to their apprehension.

Upon suspicion of wrongdoing, law enforcement took the driver into custody and instructed him to sit on the grass. A thorough physical search of the vehicle was conducted concurrently, and a cardboard box behind the passenger seat containing cookies in one layer was discovered. In addition, five large plastic containers were found, which were revealed to have an unknown substance upon inspection.

The law enforcement stated that upon conducting a physical search of the Corpus Christi couple, it was uncovered that they had taken possession of a Sig Sauer firearm. Furthermore, the substance discovered on their person was identified as 5,806 grams of methamphetamine, which boasted an exceptionally high purity level of 94 percent.

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Corpus Christi Couple Sentenced to Life in Jail

According to FOX26, the Corpus Christi couple, Jason Elijah Talley, 43, was the driver with his partner, Crystal Nichole Samora, 33, have been detained and will remain in custody until their pending sentencing in November by U.S. District Judge David S. Morales.

The Corpus Christi couple could face life in federal prison and a possible $10 million maximum fine.

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