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Fiance Of Raleigh Mass Shooting Victims Announced His Candidacy For City Council

Raleigh mass shooting
Fiancé Of Raleigh Mass Shooting Victim Announced His Candidacy For City Council (PHOTO: WECT)

A man whose fiancee was a victim of the Raleigh mass shooting last fall, announced Monday that he will run for Raleigh City Council next year.

Raleigh mass shooting

Fiancé Of Raleigh Mass Shooting Victim Announced His Candidacy For City Council (PHOTO: Flipboard)

Man Whose Finacee Is A Victim Of Raleigh Mass Shooting Says He Will Run For City Council

Robert Steele, the fiance of Mary Marshall, was identified as one of the victims who died during the Raleigh mass shooting last fall.

The Raleigh mass shooting that occurred at the Neuse River Greenway trail killed five people on October 13, 2022. The suspect in the killing was a teenager who fatally shot his  16-year-old brother and multiple neighbors, according to AP News.

Steele announced his candidacy after he posted a video on YouTube that he will run for an at-large seat on the council.

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Since The Raleigh Mass Shooting, Robert Steele Began Looking For Issues And Some Solutions

Robert Steele, a property manager, and Navy veteran has criticized the city for not issuing an emergency alert when the Raleigh mass shooting takes place, and at an April council meeting, he called on the whole council to resign,  The News & Observer reported.

FoxNews reported that Robert Steele claimed that he began to look into issues such as affordable housing and transportation.

Steele stated that his fiancee’s death led him to become cognizant of the issues that the city is facing.

Steel also called for greater access to mental health resources and urged City Council to implement a text alert system that could be used during active shootings to warn bystanders.

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