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$3.365 Million Settlement Alert: WinCo Foods Portland Customers Can Claim $200+ in Unpaid Refunds

Americans who purchased non-grocery items at WinCo Foods in Portland, Oregon, between June 2019 and May 2022 can potentially receive a $200 payment from a $3.365 million settlement, with no need for receipts to file a claim before July 9, 2024.

WinCo Foods Settlement Offers $200 Payments for Non-Grocery Purchases Without Need for Receipts

According to The US Sun, Americans who bought non-grocery items at WinCo Foods in Portland, Oregon, from June 2019 to May 2022 have a chance to get money from a $3.365 million settlement. This is because WinCo Foods was accused of charging extra fees illegally, which violated Portland’s laws. Even though WinCo Foods didn’t admit guilt, they agreed to settle to avoid more legal costs. Each person who qualifies might get around $200, pending final approval in August 2024.

To get your money from this settlement, you don’t have to worry about finding old receipts. Just fill out a claim form online or send it by mail before July 9, 2024. This means you can get compensated fairly without having to gather a lot of paperwork, showing how legal actions can really help people like you.

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$3.365 Million Settlement Alert: WinCo Foods Portland Customers Can Claim $200+ in Unpaid Refunds (PHOTO: The US Sun)

Secure Your Share of WinCo Foods Settlement Money Before Deadline

Eligible individuals need to check if they qualify and file their claims soon to make sure they get their part of the settlement money. This type of settlement is becoming more common to resolve issues and give money back to people who were affected unfairly.

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