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Kentucky’s Most Dangerous Cities: 248 Violent Crimes Per 100,000 Residents in 2022 Revealed

Bowling Green Tops the List – Kentucky’s Most Dangerous City for 2024

High Crime Rates in Shively and Paducah – Safety Concerns for Residents

According to the Southwest Journal, these cities in Kentucky have serious crime problems, making them some of the most dangerous places to live in the state for 2024. People living in or moving to these areas should stay alert and informed about safety measures.

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Bowling Green – The Most Dangerous City in Kentucky

Bowling Green has earned the title of the most dangerous city in Kentucky for 2022. Back in 2020, it recorded 247 violent crimes, including 71 robberies. Residents are concerned not only about their personal safety but also about their vehicles, as 317 cars were stolen that year. Famous for its Corvette production, this city of 71,861 people is a prime target for car thieves. Exercise caution if you’re considering a move to Bowling Green.

Oak Grove – Small Town, Big Crime Problems

Oak Grove may seem like a quiet place with only 7,299 people, but it has a lot of crime. In 2020, there were 169 larcenies, 38 burglaries, and 28 stolen cars. Despite its small size, Oak Grove has the highest violent crime rate in Kentucky. This shows that even small towns can have big crime problems.

Mayfield: Kentucky’s Wild West

Mayfield, with 9,791 residents, is the third most dangerous city in Kentucky for 2024. It has a unique attraction called Cartwright Grove, a replica of an old western town, but the real town has serious crime issues. Mayfield ranks high in murder and rape cases. The town also has a high poverty rate and is considered one of the worst places to live in Kentucky. The murder of Jessica Currin in 1994, which remained unsolved for years, still haunts the community.

Shively – High Crime Rates and Bourbon

Shively, a stop on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, has high crime rates. The town, known for the Stitzel-Weller Distillery, has the highest murder rate in the state. In 2020, there were 30 aggravated assaults, 35 robberies, and 8 rapes. With a population of 15,735, Shively is the second most dangerous city in Kentucky. Residents must stay alert to stay safe.

Paducah – From History to Crime

Paducah, founded by William Clark in 1827, is now one of Kentucky’s most dangerous cities. The city, with 24,850 people, had 993 property crimes in 2020. Paducah is also known for a tragic school shooting in 1997, where a 14-year-old killed three classmates and injured five others. This event still affects the city today.

Frankfort: Crime in the Capital

Frankfort, Kentucky’s capital city, faces rising crime rates. With about 27,000 people, the city has seen more robberies and burglaries in 2020. Residents and officials are working hard to make the city safer.

Covington: Crime by the River

Covington, located on the Ohio River, has a high crime rate. With around 40,000 residents, the city reports many violent crimes, like assaults and robberies. In 2020, there were also many thefts and car break-ins. Covington’s location near Cincinnati contributes to its crime problems.

Newport – Crime Challenges

Newport, another city by the river, has high crime rates too. With 15,000 people, Newport has seen more assaults, robberies, thefts, and burglaries. Efforts to improve safety are ongoing, but challenges remain.

Henderson – Crime in a River City

Henderson, with 28,000 residents, faces rising crime. In 2020, the city reported many assaults, robberies, and thefts. Henderson needs better law enforcement and community efforts to address these issues.

Ashland – Safety Concerns in Eastern Kentucky

Ashland, a city in eastern Kentucky, has about 20,000 people and rising crime rates. There have been more assaults, robberies, and property crimes like thefts and burglaries. Ashland needs effective crime prevention and community involvement to improve safety.

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