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Crime in Montana’s Most Dangerous Cities: Insights and Recommendations for 2024

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Montana’s Most Dangerous Cities: Crime Trends and Challenges in 2024

In 2024, Southwest Journal identified several Montana cities as the most dangerous, revealing varied crime trends. Billings and the largest city with over 110,000 residents, faces high rates of property crimes such as burglaries and auto thefts along with numerous violent incidents including 14 homicides last year.

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Ronan, a small town with just over 2,100 residents on the Flathead Indian Reservation, ranks second due to disproportionately high levels of both violent and property crimes.

Helena, the state capital known for its historical charm, reports Montana’s highest per capita rate of rapes among its 33,629 residents, despite its picturesque setting.

Polson, located nearby on the Flathead Indian Reservation, ranks fourth due to ongoing challenges with property and violent crimes affecting its approximately 5,100 residents.

Havre, a quaint railroad town with nearly 10,000 residents, is seeing increasing rates of property and violent crimes, reflecting broader safety concerns in rural Montana.

Cut Bank, known for its scenic beauty near the Canadian border, reports the highest violent crime rate relative to its population of over 3,000 residents, emphasizing localized crime challenges in remote areas.

Great Falls, a former industrial hub and transportation center, now has Montana’s highest rate of property crimes, affecting its diverse population of over 58,000 residents.

Missoula, a cultural hub with a population exceeding 76,000, struggles with one of the state’s highest murder rates and significant property crimes.

Wolf Point, located on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation, experiences disproportionately high rates of violent crime relative to its population of under 2,800 residents.

East Helena, a small town adjacent to the state capital, reports elevated crime rates for its size, highlighting localized safety challenges typical of Montana’s smaller communities.

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Challenges and Recommendations

As Montana addresses these challenges through enhanced law enforcement, community engagement, and targeted interventions and these cities serve as focal points for navigating safety amidst the state’s varied urban and rural environments. Residents and visitors are urged to remain vigilant and informed about both the attractions and safety concerns within Montana.

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