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Wisconsin’s Most Dangerous Cities in 2024: Crime Rates and Statistics

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Rising Crime Rates in Wisconsin’s Major Cities – Milwaukee and Madison Lead the List

Small Towns, Big Problems – The Most Dangerous Places in Wisconsin Under 10,000 Population

According to the Southwest Journal, Wisconsin‘s main concern used to be disappointed Packers fans. However, the state now faces more serious issues with several high-crime cities. Known for its cheese, Wisconsin has elevated crime rates, especially in cities like Milwaukee and Madison . An analysis of FBI crime data from 137 cities reveals that Wisconsin’s overall crime rates are above the national average, with some small towns under 10,000 people being particularly dangerous. While Wisconsin isn’t in the top ten most dangerous states in the U.S., its high-crime areas need urgent attention. Potential solutions include increased police presence, more security cameras, and drug rehabilitation programs. Understanding which cities are most dangerous can help you make safer decisions.

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5 Most Dangerous Places


For safety reasons, you might want to steer clear of Beloit. Located about an hour south of Madison, it has high rates of violent and property crime. While the farmer’s market is popular, it also attracts pickpockets, with 878 larceny cases reported in 2020. Additionally, there were 74 car thefts and 117 burglaries that year, so be sure to lock your doors. Beloit had the second-highest murder rate in Wisconsin, and residents faced a 1 in 206 chance of being assaulted.

Brown Deer

Brown Deer is a small village just 20 minutes north of Milwaukee. Despite its size, it has a high crime rate. Before going to a park in Brown Deer, secure your belongings, as it has the fifth highest property crime rate in Wisconsin. Car thefts happen often here, which is surprising for a village with only 11,808 people.


Milwaukee, famous for its beer and motorcycle culture, is also the most violent city in Wisconsin. In 2020, the odds of becoming a victim of murder, rape, robbery, or assault were 1 in 62. The city had the highest murder rate in the state. Property crime is prevalent as well, with around ten burglaries occurring daily. Despite these issues, Milwaukee can still be a pleasant place to live if you stick to the safer neighborhoods.

Rice Lake

Rice Lake, with a population of 8,526, has surprisingly high crime rates for its size. Walking alone is risky, as the city reported one rape case per month in 2020, the third-highest rate of rape in Wisconsin. Additionally, residents had a 1 in 40 chance of falling victim to a property crime.

La Crosse

La Crosse is a city on the Mississippi River and is important for trade. It has high crime rates due to its large population. The city has many cases of larceny and car theft. But La Crosse isn’t all bad. It has many parks, museums, and universities.

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