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$850 Monthly Boost: How Georgia’s In Her Hands Program Transformed Lives for 650 Low-Income Black Women

Georgia’s In Her Hands program provided $850 per month for two years to 650 low-income Black women like Shamarra Woods, helping them stabilize finances, pay bills, and improve their children’s lives through consistent support.

In Her Hands Program in Georgia – Empowering Low-Income Black Women like Shamarra Woods

According to the article in Business Insider, in Georgia, a program called In Her Hands gave $850 every month to low-income Black women like Shamarra Woods. This started in 2022 and helped 650 women over two years. For Woods, who lives in Atlanta and is a single mom, this money was crucial. It helped her pay rent, cover daycare costs, and manage her bills without stress.

The program wasn’t just about money it also boosted stability and strength for participants. Woods used the cash to pay off debts, avoid losing utilities, and ensure her daughter had consistent daycare. This support was vital for Woods to focus on her job and plan for her future, improving her family’s financial security and overall well-being.

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$850 Monthly Boost: How Georgia’s In Her Hands Program Transformed Lives for 650 Low-Income Black Women (PHOTO: AfroTech)

Georgia’s In Her Hands Program – Transforming Lives Through Basic Income Support

As Georgia evaluates the long-term impact of In Her Hands, Woods, and others hope for continued support. They believe in the program’s ability to create opportunities and reduce inequality. This initiative shows how basic income can make a real difference, offering a path to stability and empowerment for families facing financial challenges.

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