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100+ Cities Launch Guaranteed Basic Income Pilots: Can Federal Involvement Help Scale Success?

Guaranteed basic income (GBI) programs have gained popularity in the U.S., with over 100 pilot projects launched since 2018, aimed at providing direct cash assistance to low-income individuals, despite facing challenges in funding and political opposition in some cities.

Guaranteed Basic Income Gains Popularity in U.S. Cities Despite Funding and Legislative Challenges

According to the article of Fox News, Guaranteed basic income (GBI) programs have become popular in the U.S. lately, with over 100 pilot projects launched since 2018. These programs, championed by leaders like Michael D. Tubbs of Mayors for Guaranteed Income, aim to help low-income people directly by giving them regular cash payments. Tubbs believes federal government support, similar to the child tax credit, is needed for Guaranteed Basic Income to reach more people.

Cities such as Austin, Cambridge, and Phoenix have started Guaranteed Basic Income trials with mixed results. Austin set aside $1.3 million to continue its program, facing challenges from laws and funding. Cambridge expanded its initiative using COVID relief funds but struggles as these funds dwindle. Phoenix faced political opposition to its Guaranteed Basic Income program despite using federal relief money to support it.

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100+ Cities Launch Guaranteed Basic Income Pilots: Can Federal Involvement Help Scale Success? (PHOTO: The Daily Hodl)

Guaranteed Basic Income Supporters Highlight Poverty-Reducing Benefits Amid Political Opposition and Public Favor

Supporters of Guaranteed Basic Income argue these programs help fight poverty effectively. Tubbs and others point out that many Americans, including Republicans, favor Guaranteed Basic Income despite resistance from some politicians. As discussions on Guaranteed Basic Income’s future continue, its impact on reducing poverty and promoting fairness remains a key topic in local and national conversations.

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