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1,000+ Missouri Seniors to Benefit from New Property Tax Credits: Eligibility and Application Details!

Seniors in Greene and Christian Counties, Missouri, can now apply for property tax credits under Senate Bill 190, which freezes their property taxes at current levels to prevent increases as they age, with specific eligibility criteria and application processes outlined for each county.

Missouri Seniors Can Freeze Property Taxes Under New Senate Bill 190

According to the article of Spring Field News-Leader, in Greene and Christian Counties, Missouri, seniors now have a chance to get property tax credits thanks to Senate Bill 190, which started this year. This law freezes property tax bills for eligible seniors, meaning their taxes won’t increase beyond what they paid when they became eligible. Instead of giving money back, this freeze keeps their taxes from going up as they get older.

To apply for these tax credits, seniors must meet specific requirements: they need to be getting Social Security retirement benefits, own a primary home, and be responsible for paying property taxes. In Greene County, you can find the application online or get it in person at the County Clerk’s office. You can submit it by hand, through the mail, or by email. The deadline for Greene County is September 30, and they’ll check your eligibility before letting you know if your application is approved.

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1,000+ Missouri Seniors to Benefit from New Property Tax Credits: Eligibility and Application Details! (PHOTO: Spring Field News-Leader)

Christian County Seniors Urged to Apply Early for Property Tax Credits with June 30 Deadline

Furthermore, in Christian County, seniors follow a similar process, but their deadline is earlier, on June 30. You can also pick up an application in person or find it online. They’ll keep taking applications until June 28. Both counties need you to show proof of who you are, that you own your home, that you’ve paid your property taxes, and that you get Social Security benefits. There might be changes coming with Senate Bill 756, which could let more seniors qualify, even if they don’t get Social Security, but that’s still being decided.

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