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Top 5 Most Dangerous Places in Oklahoma: Crime Report 2024

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Most Dangerous Cities in Oklahoma 2024

In a new report from Southwest Journal, it’s been shown that some places in Oklahoma are very dangerous in 2024. They found that Oklahoma is the tenth most dangerous state in the country now. But even though Oklahoma has problems Arkansas has even more crime. Cities like Tulsa and Muskogee have lots of crime all the time. This report tells us that fighting crime is still a big challenge in these areas.

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Top 5 Most Dangerous Places in Oklahoma

Ponca City

Ponca City is located in north-central Oklahoma and used to be a bustling oil town but has seen its growth slow down. With a population of 23,484, it now faces a rise in crime, including robberies and burglaries. The memory of Tracey Neilson’s unsolved murder in 1981 still haunts the city.


Ardmore with a population of 24,718 and has experienced an increase in crime rates making it the fourth most dangerous city in Oklahoma. Both violent and property crimes have gone up with aggravated assaults being a major concern. The wrongful conviction of two men for the murder of Denice Haraway in 1984 highlights the city’s troubled history with crime.


Anadarko, despite its accidental name struggles with serious safety issues ranking as the third most dangerous place in Oklahoma. With a population of 6,473, it faces high rates of larceny, burglary, and violent crimes. The city urgently needs proactive measures to address its safety concerns.


Idabel, with a population of 6,827, has seen crime rates rise in recent years, especially property crimes. It has the highest property crime rate in Oklahoma, with theft and damage being common. Visitors to the Little River National Wildlife Refuge are advised to be cautious due to the city’s elevated crime risk.


Tulsa, Oklahoma’s second-largest city is considered the most precarious place to live in the state. With 72 murders recorded in 2020 and a high risk of robbery, assault, and murder, residents face significant safety challenges. Burglaries are also a major concern, particularly in troubled neighborhoods. Measures are hoped for to improve security at public spaces like the Philbrook Museum of Art.

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