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Family Feud Tragedy: Women Murdered in Custody Battle, Kids Abducted by ‘God’s Misfits’ Group Members!

Tragic Disappearance of Kansas Women Leads to Gruesome Discovery

Custody Dispute Involving ‘God’s Misfits’ Ends in Fatal Consequences

According to SCNOW two women Veronica Butler 27 and Jilian Kelley 39 went missing while they were supposed to pick up kids for a birthday party in Kansas. Sadly it turns out they were killed. The reason? A custody battle of the kids involving a group called “God’s Misfits.” Their car was found on a country road in Oklahoma showing signs of a big fight. This started a big search to find the kids and keep them safe.

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Family Feud Tragedy: Women Murdered in Custody Battle, Kids Abducted by ‘God’s Misfits’ Group Members!(PHOTO:BBC)

Arrests Made in Connection to Kansas Women’s Murder: Family Custody Dispute Takes a Deadly Turn

Four people got arrested for this awful crime. One of them was the grandma of Butler’s kids aTifany Adams long with her boyfriend and another couple. They are accused of kidnapping and murder. It seems like they planned everything carefully even using secret phones and weapons to hurt Butler. The fight between Butler and Adams about who should have the kids ended in a terrible way. Now the community is sad and worried about extremism and family fights turning deadly.

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