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Pennsylvania Warns SNAP Beneficiaries of Phishing Scam Promising ‘Settlement Payments’-Check It Out!

Warning Against Scam Targeting SNAP Recipients

Vigilance Urged Amidst Scam Threat

According to WFMZ69 News Pennsylvania officials want people to watch out for a phishing scam targeting those who get SNAP benefits. Secretary Val Arkoosh from the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services talked about a phishing scam. It tricks SNAP recipients into giving personal info by promising a settlement payment. The fake emails come from addresses like “[email protected].”

Secretary Arkoosh and Inspector General Miller warn against sharing personal information with scammers targeting SNAP recipients. They urge reporting suspicious messages to the DHS fraud tip line and assure that legitimate DHS communication won’t request personal info or include unofficial links. The DHS is actively informing SNAP and Medicaid beneficiaries about benefit changes through various channels emphasizing the importance of verifying message authenticity. Applicants can safely apply for assistance online or via customer service.

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Pennsylvania Warns SNAP Beneficiaries of Phishing Scam Promising ‘Settlement Payments’-Check It Out!(PHOTO:WGAL)

DHS Stresses Vigilance Amid Scam Threats

Furthermore the DHS stresses the need for vigilance against scams and advises individuals to be careful when sharing personal information. Recipients of SNAP and Medicaid benefits should verify messages through official channels and report any suspicious ones to the fraud tip line. The DHS remains committed to informing beneficiaries about benefit changes and providing assistance safely. Staying informed and proactive helps individuals safeguard their personal information and avoid falling prey to phishing scams.

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