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Former Harvard Medical School Morgue Manager’s Wife Denise Lodge Admits to Role in Stealing – What to Know!

Illegal Scheme Uncovered – Denise Lodge’s Admission to Shipping Stolen Body Parts

Involvement of Lodge, Husband, and Others in Trafficking Human Remain

According to NTD, Denise Lodge the wife of a former manager at Harvard Medical School‘s morgue has admitted to doing something wrong. Denise Lodge is in trouble for helping send stolen human body parts like hands and feet to different people in the country. Denise Lodge along with her husband Cedric and others was part of this bad plan from 2018 to March 2020. The parts they sent came from bodies donated to Harvard Medical School without permission.

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Former Harvard Medical School Morgue Manager’s Wife Denise Lodge Admits to Role in Stealing & Distributing Donated Body Parts: A Reminder of the Need for Strong Ethical Guidelines in Medical Research! (PHOTO: WCVB)

 Reflections on the Impact of the Stolen Body Parts Scheme

These body parts were taken over five years which has made many Americans worried about what happened. Another person involved Jeremy Pauley, has already said he’s guilty and is waiting to find out what will happen to him. Denise Lodge’s lawyer, Hope Lefeber, says Lodge got involved because of her husband and it wasn’t meant to be a crime. But what they did was very serious because it disrespected the people who donated their bodies to science. Harvard Medical School usually treats donated bodies with respect by cremating them and giving the ashes back to the families. This bad news has made Americans think about how we make sure medical research is done the right way. As the case goes on it’s a reminder that we need strong rules to make sure people are treated ethically in medical research and education.

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